Why choose KNALaw?

Why choose KNALaw?

In today’s law-abiding society, there will be many law consulting firms born with the mission of providing effective legal solutions. KNALaw has been affirming our position in the legal consulting market, the convergence of the following factors helps us confidently assert that we will be a solid legal fulcrum, bring peace of mind and benefits’ assurance to customers.

Prestige: With more than 10 years of establishment and development, KNALaw always upholds prestige with all customers. KNALaw upholds the spirit of saying and doing, in any incident or force majeure event, we are always committed to supporting customers and taking responsibility to the end.

Human resource: The staff includes many experienced lawyers along with well-trained professionals having a sense of responsibility and high professional ethics, always ensuring that the interests of customers are top priorities in the development mission.

Professionalism, Dedication and Responsibility: With quick, professional and clear procedures of receiving and processing documents, KNALaw always offers optimal solutions to solve situations in a timely and effective manner. We always listen attentively to provide services with dedication, respect for customers, ensure that customers are always the one to choose and make the final decision.

Security: The issue of information security is getting more and more attention. We always ensure that all information provided by customers is absolutely confidential.


– Flexible charging policy: reasonable cost for each type of work done, can be broken down according to the needs and capabilities of businesses, organizations, start-ups, and individuals.

– Flexible consulting method: Customers can choose the appropriate form of consulting. Currently, KNALaw provides consulting services in two ways: remote consultation (customers can request a consultation via Zalo, Email, Facebook, mobile phone…, KNALaw is committed to responding in the fastest time) or meeting customer face-to-face (at KNALaw’s main office, at customer’s place or any other reasonable location).

– Many legal service packages for each client, the field is also very diverse: from inheritance, marriage, family, land to commerce, investment, labor…. Besides, KNALaw also regularly innovates, offers new service packages that are suitable to the general situation of society in order to provide best customer support.

A “extended” legal department for businesses

Although most enterprises are aware of the importance of grasping the law in the process of operation, it is not easy to establish a separate legal department. Small-scale enterprises will face difficulties in hiring personnel costs, while larger enterprises will have difficulties in finding people with the right qualifications to match the job needs and having the ability to provide in-depth advices. Therefore, KNALaw offers the optimal legal solution for businesses with the following advantages: saving the budget of businesses and organizations for hiring a permanent lawyer or setting up a separate legal department; building a “two-layer legal barrier” for larger companies which already have an internal legal department in order to ensure better risk control and handling. KNALaw commits that the value it brings is worthy and sustainable: solving legal problems that have occurred and are happening, anticipating and minimizing risks in the future, offering optimal solutions, legal implementation for the client’s project or plan.

Not merely a consulting unit: KNALaw will become a companion with customers on each legal issue, plan in life and in investment, business. In the field of litigation, our team of lawyers and experts will be the ones who protect the interests of customers in the most reasonable way.

Regularly organize legal training courses: With the advantage of having an extensive network of relationships with leading experts in the legal field, KNALaw confidently organizes high-quality legal training courses according to our own plan. In addition, KNALaw also designs a separate curriculum according to the requirements of businesses that are in need of internal legal training for their personnel.

Rich legal resources: KNALaw is constantly accumulating and regularly updating new legal regulations, combined with experience during the course of the profession, from which to form our own resources: documents, forms, processes, procedures… and to ensure accuracy, speed when performing work for customers. We are ready to share this value to customers using KNALaw’s services as well as to the community.

Diplomatic Factor: We always maintain good relationships with competent agencies, authorities and organizations to serve our clients’ affairs well.

KNALaw is ready to support customers anytime – anywhere – in any situation in the safest way.


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