Word editor

  • Drafting: lawsuit petitions, complaints, claims, proposals, …,
  • Bilingual drafting of contracts in the fields of business, commercial, labor, antitrust, franchise,……
  • Other documents such as: liquidation minutes, minutes of meeting, contract annex,…

Contract Review

  • Reviewing and advising on adjusting terms of contracts, legal documents….

Carry out procedures for enterprise registration:

    • Establishment of new enterprises;
    • Transformation of the type of enterprise;
    • Changes to the contents of the Enterprise Registration Certificate include:
      • Change of enterprise’s name,
      • Change of enterprise’s headquarter;
      • Additional changes in business sectors
      • Capital increase or decrease;
      • Change of company members;
      • Change of owner of the Company
      • Change of legal representative
  • Re-issuance of Enterprise Registration Certificates
  • Establishment of branches, representative offices and business locations

Carry out procedures for investment registration:

  • Domestic investment consultancy,
  • Offshore investment consultancy
  • Consulting and implementing procedures for opening new investment projects
  • Consulting and implementing procedures for adjustment of investment projects

Procedures related to Land:

  • Carry out procedures for applying for Land use right certificates;
  • Carry out procedures for adjustment of changes in Land use right certificates;
  • Carry out procedures for applying for a certificate of ownership of construction.

Intellectual Property:

  • Registration of trademarks, industrial property rights, copyrights,….:
  • Extension of validity of protection titles


  • Apply for certificate of Food Safety conditions;
  • Apply for a Certificate of eligibility for Security and Order;
  • Work Permit;
  • Business Licenses.

Temporary residence card:

  • Investors;
  • Visiting relatives;
  • Employees

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