About KNALaw

About KNALaw

KNALaw – formerly known as Khoa & Associates, was established in 2008. Until now, with nearly 15 years of experience, KNALaw has step by step built our own prestigious brand, becoming one of the pioneering companies in the legal field in Vietnam for domestic and foreign individual and corporate clients.

With Slogan “Your satisfaction is our honor” considered as a motto in all activities of KNALaw, we always put ourselves in the position of the Clients, provide Clients with optimal solutions to ensure legal safety for Clients with optimal benefits in terms of time and cost. With all the experience and kindness, KNALaw always strives to become a Companion in changing the positive legal thinking of Clients to bring sustainable values in business management and administration, in investment and protection of business achievements of Clients, as well as to resolve legal issues of Clients.

One of our pride is the staff, they are always specifically oriented to develop, including lawyers with many years of experience, professional associates and young, dedicated experts with great knowledge. A team of experienced employees and novices is a valuable asset to KNALaw. This allows us to combine knowledge with enthusiasm, experience with creativity to bring maximum satisfaction to our Clients.

KNALaw provides various legal services for domestic and foreign individuals and organizations. Our services include: Regularly consulting, Domestic and foreign investment consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions; Drafting and reviewing contracts; Performing procedures related to land and intellectual property; Representing to participate in negotiation – mediation; Participating in litigation in civil, labor, marriage, family, commercial…; Providing legal training courses for businesses.

With the purpose “To Bring comprehensive solutions to ensure optimal legal safety for Clients”, KNALaw has been receiving the trust and companionship of many enterprises in many other fields, among them are: Thiên Hương Foods, YMY Ceramics, TCP, CJ, Bibica, Samsung, TaYa…

We are committed to serving our domestic and foreign clients with the best expertise in Vietnamese Law, in line with globally accepted standards of dedication, professionalism and integrity. Our highest goal is to develop Vietnam into a safer profitable place for Clients. For our Partners, we are committed a loyal and long-term cooperation to achieve common goals.

The trust of Clients when choosing KNALaw is an honor and a great motivation for us to develop day by day. We are proud of the professional achievements of each member and believe that we are the best consultants and lawyers whenever you need to find solutions for your legal problems.



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