Receive Receiving customer information

Exchange of preliminary information about the case

Checking and evaluating the fear of the set of evidence documents provided by customers

Classification of cases (civil, land, labor, administrative transactions…)

Orientation of plans for participation in legal proceedings

03 – 05 working days

(depending on the nature of the case)

Report a fee Plan to report detailed service package fees (package fees, bonus promises, incentives, discounts…)

Plan the work that will be done

Translate the whole document 01 business day
Service Approval Drafting contract terms, rights and obligations of the parites, bingding terms, service fees and payment plans


Conclusion of service contracts

1st payment

01 business day
Preparation of dossiers for participation in legal proceedings – Assisting customers in preparing and collecting documents and evidence related to the case

– Customer’s representative extracts and copies the necessary documents.

– Make a violation by important evidence (if any).

– Make a detailed plan for resolving the case at the Court.

– Drafting lawsuit petitions (plaintiffs), delf-declarations/written opinions (defendants, related people)

– Assisting clients in performing authorization procedures for representatives, requesting lawyers.


Lawsuit petition/ Self-declaration/

Written presentation of opinions.

Attached documents to be submitted to the Court.

Plan for resolving the case in court.

05 – 07 working days (depending on the nature of the case)
Participate in the mediation phase in Court – The representative of the client presents his/her opinions, views and requests at the Court on the basis of agreeing the optimal plan for customers.

– Case of orientation of mediation at Court: the client’s representative presents opinions, promotes the mediation.

– Cases must end with judgment through the Court’s trial: The client’s representative presents his/her opinions on protection, arguments and provides evidence in favor of the client.

– The client’s representative contacted the agencies, organizations or asked the Court to collect necessary documents and evidence.

– Proposing counter-treatment plans, independent requirements, application of prosional emergency measures, price apprasial, apprasial,..when necessary.


Decision on recognition of conciliation (if conciliation is successful) 06 – 08 months (depending on the nature of the case)
Participating in the stage of publicity of evidences, preparing for trial


– The client’s representative provides documents and evidence related to the case.

– The representative of the customer copies and extracts the evidence provided by the other party.

– The client’s representative participates in the confrontation (if it is an organization) or assists the client in the confrontation (if it is an individual).

Decision to bring the case to trial 01 – 02 months (depending on the nature of the case)
Participation in the trial – The client’s representative participates in the first-instance trial as an authorized representative and a protection lawyer.

– Representatives of clients participating in the presentation of arguments, questions and arguments on the basis of information on dossiers and plans have been informed throughout the proceedings.


First-instance judgments 14 – 30 days (depending on the nature of the case)
After the first-instance trial – Completion of first-instance service contracts.

– Payment and liquidance of contracts.

Minutes of contract liquidance 03 working days
Appellate phase In the event that the case extends to the appellate stage, KNA Law will represent the client in drafting the appeal and participating in the proceedings similar to the first instance mentioned above. Appellate judgments, successful reconciliation decisions (if any) 04 – 06 months (depending on the nature of the case)
cassation or reopening (if any) -In case the client has a request or considers it necessary, KNA Law will provide legal advice and propose a plan to request cassation/retrial.

– Assist the client in drafting the application for cassation review and send it to the competent authority.

Stage of Judgment Enforcement – The client’s representative participates in working, presenting opinions, proposing and requesting judgment enforcement agencies to enforce effective judgments in order to ensure maximum benefits for clients.

– Drafting petitions, requests, urgings, complaints, applying preventive, security, coercive measures … when necessary.

Execution of judgments has been effective. 01 – 02 years (depending on the nature of the case)

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