Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

KNALaw always operates with the motto: “Always put ourselves in the position of the Clients” – To provide Clients with optimal and most suitable solutions to their requirements and current legal status.
People and staff are always the core factors for KNALaw to achieve today’s success. Moreover, the KNALaw team is constantly striving to improve their professional knowledge, improve their experience to resolve problems quickly, professionally and reliably.
KNALaw always concretizes the criteria as the foundation for building our standard culture.

We are committed to giving our best efforts, investing our knowledge and resources to meet Clients’ requirements.

We are committed to always sticking to the vision, mission and culture of KNALaw with the current and future team to bring practical and positive values to Clients.


We will be responsible for the actions, control the things arising. We take responsibility for the results that we produce and understand that to change anything, we must change ourselves first.


We are solely responsible for the actions we take on our own behalf and the results made from these actions.


We always execute what we promised and committed to Clients as well as ourselves. We notify as soon as we know/foreseen situations or force majeure events affecting the implementation of promises made. We always have immediate solutions to the problem.


We always pursue the perfection. For us, being good is not enough. We provide consulting solutions/services with outstanding quality and optimally ensure the legality to bring long-term value to Clients.

We seek better working methods for greater efficiency with less investment.


We communicate positively with our team members and with our Clients. Communicating with good intentions through positive conversations. We treat each other like a family to share information, other problems and always support each other.


We always focus on our work and pay attention to the results we create. Our success is to bring effective solutions/options for your legal problems. Client satisfaction is our success.


We learn from our experiences and mistakes. We are always willing to assist our colleagues and Clients, create more learning conditions for everyone to develop together.

We are a professional trainer that imparts practical knowledge.


Each of us is a leader. We do whatever it takes to bond the team together to achieve a common goal.

We focus on cooperation and always think of solutions rather than compromises. We share and help each other for a common goal.


We always find a balance between our spiritual life and work. Getting the works done is our most important mission. But personal, family and social activities are still taken care of.


We consider our work as a journey to cherish and strive for. We create a place of joy and happiness for everyone to enjoy it.


We are consistent in our actions so that our Clients and team to trust at all times.

We adhere to the discipline and rules in our work to achieve results and success consistently.


We always express our gratitude to everyone. We appreciate everyone we’ve met during KNALaw’s formation and development.

We gave thanks and regularly expressed our gratitude by making specific contributions to the community and the young generation. We believe that our actions will contribute to light up the future of the young generation and contribute to the prosperity of society.


We always aim for equality in the community and society. (Due to the difficulties of women in applying legal barriers in business and start-ups), we prioritize protecting the fairness and rights of women.


We deserve to be rich and can easily give and receive. We allow ourselves to be prosperous in all aspects of our lives by respecting our value and our Client value.

We are gifted with the ability to bring prosperity to our Clients and we will do it well.


We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. We protect the Client’s information and ensure it is not shared in any way.


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